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Frequently Asked Questions

If I sell my home to Pennybag Properties, how does the process work?

Our goal is always to make things as easy as possible for you. The process starts when you fill out our online form or give us a call, at which point we collect the information we need to make an offer on your home as quickly as possible. Then it’s up to you to accept that offer. If you do accept, we take care of the closing process and purchase your home.

Do you charge a fee to come up with an offer for me?

No, we do not charge a fee for these services. We will present you with an offer at no obligation. If you accept the offer, we quickly purchase your house; if you do not accept the offer, it doesn’t cost you anything. We will never ask you to pay us whether we sell your house or not. That means you have nothing to lose.

Will you pay me the full market value/current price for my house?

Pennybag Properties makes fair offers relative to each house’s situation. Every property is different and the amount of the offer we make depends on factors such as the condition of the home, material and labor cost in the case of repairs, the current housing market in your neighborhood, how long the repairs will take, and etc.

How soon can you make me an offer?

As long as the Pennybag Properties team can access the property, we can usually make you an offer in one business day.

I’m going through a foreclosure. Can you help me?

The faster you act with foreclosure, the more options you will have. We will devote our best efforts and resources to helping you avoid foreclosure, so contact us immediately.

What makes you different from other companies that claim to “sell your home fast”?

A lot of home buying websites will take advantage of the information they get from you to sell it to investors anywhere in the U.S. We are local to the Milwaukee area and know about the market in depth. We will always contact you directly and never sell any information to other companies or individuals.

Do I need to make all the repairs before I can sell it with Pennybag Properties?

One of the benefits of selling to us is that repairs do not have to be made. We will buy the house as-is, relieving stress and worry for the homeowner.

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